The Need for Bees

(To be updated in 2016 - watch this space!)

Closed for 2015 - thank you to everyone who took part!

Following on from the success of our pilot 'Growing Towns' survey last year, where over 300 of you answered questions about what you use your growing spaces for, we ran a more detailed survey for 2014-2015. The questions covered what is grown / intend to be grown, how and where; what was collected from local areas, and some perception questions about this side of life.

If we want to better understand the role that bees and other pollinators take in our urban areas, and the value of the pollination actions they provide, then we need to know what the need is for that help with pollination, and how this relates to the sorts of plants that are grown. Plus where changes might most easily be made, to support these little helpers - and even what we're already doing right!

The questions were focused around more involved gardening - but we were also interested in hearing from people who had e.g. window boxes, or a few pots on a patio, or even those who are not able to grow their own plants, but do collect fruit from the local area. There were a couple of questions on the perceived importance of growing your own crops that did not require participants to even garden.