Both recording forms are now online and open!

These are the full protocol forms, if you were able to grow all the plants needed for the experiment. Don't worry if your experiment for either plant isn't at harvesting time yet (although beans should be getting pretty close everywhere). I'm going to keep the recording forms open until the end of September to make sure I get everyone!

Note, for the radishes, if you have been harvesting more frequently than once a fortnight (as you might have done, particularly if your plants were growing quickly and you were harvesting the pods for eating), the best thing to do is add up all the harvests for each block (end of week 1, end of week 3 and so on), and record that.

If you have already posted me your data, then don’t worry, I don’t need you to fill it in twice!

For those who haven’t managed the full radish protocol, I suggested before how you can collect data even if you didn’t get all four radish plants to grow. The idea is to count the number of pods produced by the plants you do have, and also the leftover ‘spikes’ that are left behind after a flower hasn’t been pollinated enough.

If you have been growing plants for this extra count – thank you for sticking with it! I have opened a separate collector for that data. This will let me get an idea of what percentage of flowers actually get pollinated by the local insects.

If you have done the FULL protocol, it would be great if you were able to do the additional count (above) as well by counting leftover unpollinated spikes when your plants have gone over (the extra data will make the final analyses on percentage pollination better). You don’t need to count the spikes from the ‘spare’ plant 4, just the experimental ones.

If so, please also use the same form and method for this extra data. If you’d prefer not to, or you’ve already sent the data in / disposed of the plants, don’t worry; this is an extra thing I’ve thought of mid-project, so it’s an extra ask!