While our experimental radishes haven't got round to making their flower spike yet, we have found some of last year's radishes that have kept going (honestly, I didn't realise they were that hardy - remember that, gardeners!), so here are some photos of the flowers / pods that you will be looking out for soon.

An opened-out flower spike
An opened-out flower spike, where you can see the little four-petal flowers
Pods development
Stages of pod development in radishes.

You might also be getting some snapping of the radish leaves, particularly of the outermost leaves. This doesn't seem to be a problem for the plant - the example below has been like that for a while, and the leaf still seems to be functioning fine! Eventually the leaves will probably shrivel up and fall off, while the flower spike is still going; this is entirely normal for these plants. Be aware that the flower spike is also quite brittle, and this would be a problem there!

A snapped leaf
Snap-happy - a few bent stems don't matter