Questions and answers

Questions that have come up over the project, and their answers so far. If your question isn't covered here (yet), do Contact us!

1) Project start time

The project is due to start on April 1st. This is when participants should all have their project kits, and be ready to plant the seeds.

There is going to be a lot of variation in growth speeds around the country, so don't worry if you can't start exactly on April 1st - as long as you are planting in the first week or so of April, then the plants will be able to catch up.

Just note down the date you plant the seeds on the recording sheet, so I'll be able to see if there was any effect.

2) Supporting the pots

3L pots should be used to grow the potted plants. If you want to put the filled pots inside other, sturdier ones for support / not being blown over, or watering purposes, that’s fine.

3) Extra plants

You need 3 mature bean plants for each experiment (so, 6 in total if you are also doing two repeats), but might well have manged to grow more than that from the kit. Do feel free to continue to grow these additional plants for more harvest - and you can include them in the pollinator visitor observations too.

Spare plants do not need to be recorded as the 'additional beans' category on the recording form, as this is for beans in addition to the ones we have provided (but if you are growing all of them on, if you could make a note that you did so in the 'No' box).