And we are done! All the data collection for 2016 is in; all beans harvested and hopefully enjoyed after their weighing.

(I think. Possibly one or two more to arrive by post?)

I'm in the middle of wrapping up my other fieldwork right now, but will get on with curating and analysing asap. With three years of data under the project's proverbial belt, I'm hoping to get some wider analysis done as well once everything is sorted out - and I will be sure to let everyone know any findings.

A great many thanks to my volunteers throughout this work; I quite literally could not have done this without you all, and I hope you've found it fun, and interesting, to take part in.

The Garden Shop calculator is still available, giving you an idea of the value of your garden harvest, and how much your bees have contributed this year. The spreadsheet is downloadable here.

I'll be sending out an overall participation questionnaire shortly, so I can get the best idea about what worked best, or didn't work so well, so I can give the best reccomendations in my thesis about doing this work. And I will keep updating this webite, and the twitter, with news and info - so there's plenty more still to come from me!